Dive in and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, moisturized skin,

and cold processed art!


My handmade soaps are created with skin loving oils like

Extra Virgin Coconut, Olive, and Castor.

And no animal by-products!

What's Happening:

No markets right now with COVID 19 around, but I have plenty of soap and product made up.  Email or text me and I'll be happy to get an order together for you.  Be safe and stay healthy!

New on the shelf:

Magnesium Headache Roll-On
These roll-on's have a blend of Magnesium Chloride, Avocado Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and essential oils.  Not only is it great for headaches, but achy muscles too!
$10 each

Hair & Body Oil
These are a blend of carrier oils and essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile that work excellently on hair, beards, and skin.
$5 per vial

Earth happy news - the plastic lip balm containers are BPA free, and made in the USA.
Also, the products enclosed in cello
are wrapped in actual cellophane.  It's plant derived, and 100% biodegradable also. 
The paper all tags are printed on is made from 100% recycled card stock.
The bags you receive your products in are 100% recycled, 
95% Post Consumer Waste and 
100% American made.

Soap and Body Products
are now available in Anderson at:

  • Nature's Cupboard

             Figs Beanery & Creamery

Summer Scents cooking:


Peppermint Palisade

Laurel Leaf

Lemon Splash

Spicy Sunshine

Lip Balm

These lip balm scents are currently available:

Healing Blend,

Tea Tree Garden, & Tangerine-Lime.



Need a gift bag?  Order any size, from 2 to 20!

Soaps are available, or can be ordered,in these scents:

Patchouli       Ella's Noche      Lemongrass      Peppermint

Chocolate Cinnamon Roll     Rosemary-Mint   Orange Sweet

Oatmeal & Honey      Eucalyptus      Lavender      Coconut

Herbal Pumice     Pink Grapefruit     Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee

Cranberry Cider     Nag Champa     Pink Irish Cream   

Pumpkin Chai        Vanilla Orange      Chocolate Mint

Coconut-Lime       Purity (no scent & no colorant)

Grapefruit-Bergamot        Vanilla       Southern Debugger

Blue Amaretto       Chamomile & Lavender      Citrus Swirl

Vanilla Lavender      Country Patch      Ginger Spritz

Limes & Lemons       Peppermint Palisade     Laurel Leaf

Seasonal scents are also available.

$6.00 per bar

  • Large Body Cream Jar  $11.00
  • Small Body Cream Jar  $6.00
  • Soap $6 each
  • 5 Pk. Bath Fizzies  $5.00
  • 4 Pk. Cocoa Butter Cookie Bath Melts  $6.00
  •  8 oz. jar Sugar Scrub  $10.00
  •  Hair & Body Oil  $5.00
  • Magnesium Headache Roll-On $10
  • Pint Fizzing Bath Salts  $7.00
  • Jelly Jar Fizzing Bath Salts  $4.00
  • Lip Balm  $3.00
  • Deodorant Dusting Powder  $7 pint
  • 4 oz. Room Spray  $8
  • 8 oz. Room Spray Refill  $15
  • Fountain  $20

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